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Health Benefits Of Fish Pose

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Fish pose is the name given to Matsyasana. This yoga posture is said to purify your blood and keep you healthy. It offers so many other benefits too. Before we go into that, let us discuss more about how to perform this asana.

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Actually, there are two variations of this asana. One is with folded legs and another is with stretched legs. As doing this asana with folded legs is tough, let us try the other variation with stretched legs.

How to do: Lie down on the floor. Keep your knees straight and together. Now, slowly move your hands below your thighs. Your palms should be facing the floor.

Now, inhale gently and slowly lift your chest and neck. The top of your head must be touching the floor. It is like creating an arc with your upper body with the ending point as your head. Ensure that your weight is more on your hands but not on your head. Stay in that position and breathe in and out 3-4 times and get back slowly to the starting position.

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Caution: Never perform this asana without a yoga instructor's' supervision. Also, consult your Doctor before you try any yoga posture. If you have any health issues or muscle pains, never attempt any yoga posture.


Benefit #1

This asana stimulates your spine and the muscles in the area of your back.


Benefit #2

Is your neck stiff? Are you experiencing headaches due a stiff neck? Then this asana can relieve the headache.


Benefit #3

Most of your body pains could also be a result of bad posture. This asana can enhance your posture too.


Benefit #4

This posture also controls the bleeding that occurs due to hemorrhoids.


Benefit #5

Many sources claim that this yoga posture can cure the symptoms of respiratory issues like asthma.


Benefit #6

Performing this asana regularly can relieve the tension in the areas of your shoulders, neck and also throat.


Benefit #7

Like most of the other asanas, this posture also helps in relieving your stress.


Benefit #8

Men who have impotency issues can try this posture. Many sources say that it can relieve such issues.

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