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What’s A Mono Diet?

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Going on a mono diet implies eating only one type of a food for a short period of time. Are there any benefits? Well, it is another way to detox your system, enhance your digestive system and give a break to your body that is vexed up with processed foods.

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But wait! Living on mono diets for a very long period of time is very dangerous to your health as your body may be deprived of many nutrients. Vitamin deficiencies cause many disorders and therefore a mono diet isn't supposed to go for more than two days.

It is like cleaning your house for a day or two. Suppose you choose to eat apples, eat only apples for the whole day whenever you feel hungry. Your body will get a chance to cleanse itself and heal itself when it is not burdened with the intake of heavy processed foods. Now, here are some tips.

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Caution: If you are suffering from any health issues, never try this diet. Also, don't try any new diet without consulting your doctor.


Tip #1

Plan your diet for 2-3 days. Try this only during a week end when you are free. If you try it on working days, you may fail to stick to it.


Tip #2

Simply get a few apples, cut them and eat them in the morning for breakfast. In the afternoon, you can repeat the same but with peeled apples. In the night, eat apples for dinner again.


Tip #3

Never juice the apples as that would take away the fibre and get in lots of sugar into your body. Eat raw apples. Also, relax and meditate during the day.


Tip #4

On regular intervals, drink lots of water and make sure that no other food stuff is eaten during the whole day.


Tip #5

You can also try the same diet plan with bananas too. But don't eat more than 12-17 bananas in the whole day. And ensure that you rest well.


Tip #6

If you feel dizzy or irritated, stop the diet immediately and get back to your normal diet.


Tip #7

If the diet works well for you, try it once a year for two days in a row. Don't overdo it as it may cause deficiencies.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 4, 2016, 8:54 [IST]
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