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Drink This Juice If You Have Asthma

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Currently, there are millions of people around the world suffering from asthma. It is an inflammatory condition triggered by allergies. Yes, the allergens in the air, pollutants and certain infections can trigger this breathing condition.

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Certain studies state that even children of mothers who have the habit of smoking can be affected by asthma.
Also, certain foods that cause mucus buildup can worsen the condition. Deficiency of calcium and iron may also create problems. Now, here is a drink that can help people suffering from asthma.

How to prepare: Mix a cup of spinach leaves, an apple, a few pineapple pieces and some lemon juice and blend them well into juice.

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Mix some water to slightly dilute the mixture and consume it regularly for 10 days to see if your condition improves. Also, consume the below foods regularly.



Apples can protect you against asthma attacks as they contain quercetin. Consume apples regularly.



We all know that ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory food. In fact it is better than the drugs that treat inflammation. It can clear the clogged airways and provide relief.



It is a super food that can prevent asthma.It is rich in magnesium, vitamin E, beta carotene and Vitamin C too.



They contain L-glutathione. Avocados also flush out pollutants from your body.



The medicinal anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can heal your lungs and solve your breathing issues.



It is rich in Vitamin C and several antioxidants that can relieve the symptoms of asthma. Enjoy its juice regularly.



Many sources say that eating banana regularly can reduce the symptoms of breathing problems.

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