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What Destroys Your Immunity?

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What stops infections from destroying your body? Well, it's your immune system. Without that built-in defense system, your body wouldn't be able to survive all these years.

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But with age and your lifestyle habits, even your immune system gets tired and weak. And when it is weak, it will not be able to defend you properly.

If you wish to do something, you might first need to identify all the habits that weaken your immunity. Then you may be able to eliminate a few of those habits and support your immune system to work better.

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Now, here are a few of those habits that may hurt your immunity.


Too Much Of Travel

Whenever you go to a new place, your immunity has to work harder to protect you against germs and infections. It tires your immunity. Also, the new food and surroundings pose new problems. So, if you are living out of your suitcase, think twice.



People generally use antacids when acidity in the stomach troubles them. Yes, they also could pose a problem to your immunity in the long run. Never take antacids unless your doctor prescribes them.



Do you know that alcohol could slow down the production of your blood cells? Yes, it impacts your immunity in more ways than one.


A Lonely Life

Though it is tough to believe, people who lead a lonely life tend to have a weaker immune system according to a research. Yes, even social life is important for your health.


Crash Diets

Yes, certain extreme diets could deprive you of many vital nutrients that your body needs. Such diets could impact your immunity!



Some health issues may force you to consume too many antibiotics. In fact, they could gradually destroy your immunity. Talk to your doctor on this.


Tablets And Pills

Regular usage of pain killers could trouble your immunity. Also, certain medication could also damage your immunity. Ensure that you never take over-the-counter drugs frequently.


Lack Of Sleep

This is the first lifestyle habit that could damage your immunity. Never go sleepless if you love your health.

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Story first published: Monday, May 2, 2016, 9:08 [IST]
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