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What Happens If You Perform Chakrasana

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Chakra literally means a wheel and asana means a posture. This back bending posture is a famous yoga pose which stretches your whole body. It challenges the flexibility of your whole body and spine as you try to bend your body to form the shape of a wheel.

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How to do it? First, lie down as if you are sleeping on the ground. Slowly fold your legs and pull your feet closer to your butt. Now, fold your hands and place them on the ground near your shoulders.

Gradually, lift your body using your palms and feet. Without forcing your body's limits, try to form an arc like shape by lifting your body. Hold that pose for 50 seconds. Now, gradually fold your hands and lower your body to reach the normal pose.

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Caution: People suffering from back problems, BP, heart issues, headache, diarrhea or any other health issues should NOT perform this posture. Also, never attempt this posture unless you are under the supervision of an expert.


Benefit #1

This posture is good for kidneys, liver and pancreas. Regularly performing it may strengthen those organs.


Benefit #2

With age, your bones tend to get fragile. This posture can prevent osteoporosis, asthma and can even minimise fertility problems.


Benefit #3

You will be able to strengthen your shoulders, arms, hands, wrists and even legs while performing this pose.


Benefit #4

This yoga pose can also keep your heart healthy. Like any other exercise, it gives some work to your heart and keep it pumping.


Benefit #5

When you do yoga regularly, you will be able to keep depression at bay. This is one of the benefits of this posture.


Benefit #6

This posture is also good for your lungs. However, the way you inhale and exhale during an asana should be methodically done to derive the benefits. Only a yoga teacher can guide you on this.


Benefit #7

Many texts also claim that this posture can stimulate your thyroid gland.

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