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This Simple Yoga Pose Rejuvenates Your System

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Padmasana is the basic yoga pose and is the simplest of all yoga postures. But its benefits can't be underestimated. In fact, all beginners start their yoga with this pose. Also, people who meditate sit cross legged in this pose to go deeper into meditation.

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To try this pose, sit on the floor. Stretch your legs first. Touch the ground with your palms on both sides of your body and stretch your legs in front of you.

Now, slowly fold one leg and and lock it on your thigh. Now, gradually fold the other leg and lock it on the other leg as seen in the picture.

Hold the position for a few minutes and keep your spine straight. Now, slowly unlock your legs and stretch them in front of you and go to the starting position. Daily spend 4-5 minutes in this pose. Read on for the benefits this pose offers.

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Caution: If you have any medical conditions or back issues, refrain from trying this pose without consulting a doctor.


Benefit #1

This asana can effectively stimulate your abdomen, spine, bladder and pelvis. Many issues related to those parts can be prevented.


Benefit #2

Regularly practicing this pose can restore your energy levels and keep you dynamic throughout the day.


Benefit #3

Your joints tend to get flexible and healthy if you hold this pose for a minute every day.


Benefit #4

Your posture tends to get better when this asana is performed daily. In fact, most of your muscle pains are a result of bad posture. This asana corrects your posture.


Benefit #5

In women, this pose can ease menstrual discomfort too. But consult a gynecologist before you practice this pose.


Benefit #6

As this pose stretches your knees and ankles, more blood flows through those areas keeping them healthy and fit.


Benefit #7

This yoga pose straightens your spine and keeps your back healthy. A straight spine can prevent many muscle pains.


Benefit #8

If you can meditate in this pose, your awareness levels and focus go deeper and this enhances your concentration in your daily activities. Also, this pose calms you down and relaxes your whole system.

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