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Benefits Of Drinking Baking Soda Water

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Most of us know that baking soda is used for baking but it can do more than just that. Mixing a pinch of baking soda and drinking it can solve certain health issues like indigestion, infection and even heart burn.

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There are many other health issues it can handle. In fact, drinking baking soda water in small quantities occasionally does some benefit to your health. Now, let us know what baking soda can do.

But wait, it is not advisable for children and pregnant women. Also, as it contains sodium, you shouldn't over consume it. Also, people who have health issues like high BP, kidney ailments or liver problems shouldn't use it.

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It could cause certain side effects in people who are intolerant to baking soda. So, consult a health practitioner first before trying such remedies.


Benefit #1

Uric acid build up could cause joint pains. Drinking baking soda water can minimise the build up of acids and relieve you.


Benefit #2

When you workout intensely, lactic acid builds up in your system causing fatigue. When you consume baking soda water, you can postpone fatigue a bit. That's why athletes use it.


Benefit #3

As baking soda water can minmise the acid levels in your urine, those who are suffering with UTI can try the remedy.


Benefit #4

Baking soda can offer fresh breath and whiten your teeth too. Also, it can kill certain micro organisms and keep your oral health in good shape.


Benefit #5

when the acid levels in your kidneys increase, several disorders like kidney stones could occur. Drinking baking soda water can surely prevent it.


Benefit #6

Baking soda water can promote better alkalinity in your body and this helps in keeping many diseases away. Cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis are a result of a toxic environment in your system. You can prevent them with baking soda water.


Benefit #7

Baking soda water can cure certain digestive issues like acidity, heart burn etc as it can neutralise the acids levels in your body.

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