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Health Benefits Of Shrimp

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Shrimp is a common name given to many of the crustacean species. Generally, most of them are small in size measuring just a couple of centimeters. Yes, some are 25 cms long too.

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Though some people eat only various parts of the shrimp, generally its the tail that is consumed more. And yes, shrimp is nutritious.
Firstly, it contains no carbohydrates. Also, it is not a calorie-rich diet. 100 grams of shrimp may contain appropriately 100 grams of calories.

And yes, it contains protein. Its a protein-rich food though small quantities of fat is also present in it. It contains lots of vitamins. Let us take a look at the nutrients.

It contains vitamin A, B6, B12, E, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, iodine and minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous, sodium, calcium and iron.

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Caution: It is important to consult your doctor before trying shrimp as some species may contain mercury in them which is toxic. Also, in some people, shrimp may cause allergic symptoms too!

Now, let us discuss about its health benefits.


Benefit #1

This sea food is also good for your eyes. It prevents eye fatigue especially if you have the habit of working in front of the computer.


Benefit #2

The paste of fermented shrimp is used in certain therapies to treat blood clots. Also, as it contains omega 3 fatty acids which lower cholesterol, it is good for heart health.


Benefit #3

Minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorous present in shrimp prevent the degeneration of bones. This food can prevent osteoporosis.


Benefit #4

As it contains very less calories and no carbohydrates, those who are planning to lose weight can eat shrimp. Also, this food curbs your carvings. The iodine content in it may increase your body's energy expenditure at rest and this could help in weight loss.


Benefit #5

Selenium and carotenoids present in shrimp may also prevent certain types of cancer.


Benefit #6

This food also prevents hair loss. As it is rich rich in minerals, it is good for your hair. We all know that zinc deficiency could cause hair loss.


Benefit #7

Shrimp is rich in antioxidants that slow down your ageing process. Your skin looks better when shrimp is a part of your diet.


Benefit #8

Many sources say that shrimp can prevent menstrual cramps in women. Also, its a food that promotes healthy blood flow to the privates.

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