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Avoid These Foods If You Have Asthma

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What's asthma? Well, it is a breathing condition. When your airways narrow down and cause breathing issues like wheezing and difficulty in breathing, it could be asthma.

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Yes, it could also be a life threatening condition. Sometimes, mucus or other secretions could clog those airways and may lead to suffocation.

That is why a person suffering from asthma should first know the triggers that cause breathing issues. Some foods also trigger the condition.

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Avoiding such foods and maintaining a good lifestyle could reduce the asthma attacks to a certain level. Here is a list of some of those foods.


Animal Products

It is safer to avoid all animal products. They include meat and milk too. Even eggs, milk products, fish, pork and beef could act like triggers.



Certain pickles may contain sulfites which may trigger your breathing condition. It is better to avoid pickles if you have asthma.



It is better to reduce your sodium intake. Also, avoiding monosodium glutamite (MSG) is better as sodium could cause breathing issues.


Dry Fruits

Certain compounds present in dry fruits could worsen your condition. In fact, even apricots, cranberries and pineapples could be avoided.


Soft Drinks

certain ingredients present in soft drinks could cause breathing issues in those who suffer from asthma.


Certain Oils

Avoid using vegetable oils for cooking. Even sunflower oil and corn oil could cause inflammation and trigger your issue.


French Fries

Even French fries contain sulfites that could act like a trigger. Stay away from them if you are suffering from asthma.



Avoid all types of alcohol as it may worsen your condition.

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