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7 Home Remedies For Gastritis

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Gastritis is a disorder that is related to your digestive system. You might feel bloated all the time. Also, stomach pain, nausea and acid reflux may also trouble you when you suffer gastritis.

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You will not be able to enjoy your favourite foods when your digestive system troubles you so much.

What exactly causes this problem? Well, when your stomach lining suffers inflammation, you might experience this condition. It might start as a mild stomach irritation and then other symptoms like vomiting, nausea, hiccups or bloating follow.

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Now, let us know about a few home remedies that cure this issue.


Remedy #1

Juice a few raw peeled potatoes and drink the juice along with some warm water. This cleanses your digestive system and liver too. This also alkalises your stomach.


Remedy #2

It contains beta carotene.It can heal your digestive system and provide relief. Enjoy a few slices of raw papaya.


Remedy #3

To try this remedy, roast a few fennel seeds. simply chew them after eating food. Some people also drink water in which these seeds are boiled.


Remedy #4

As pineapple comes with certain digestive enzymes, it can relieve the symptoms of gastritis. Eat a few slices to get some relief. But wait, pineapple may irritate your stomach if you are allergic to it. So, consult a doctor first.


Remedy #5

tender coconut water can also heal gastritis. It contains certain vitamins and minerals that help your stomach from gastritis.


Remedy #6

As ginger is both anti-microbial and anti inflammatory, even ginger tea can help relieve some symptoms. Also, you can chew a pieces of raw ginger as a remedy.


Remedy #7

Even simply drinking water can also help in some cases especially when the problem is due to too much of acids inside. Water can bring down the acidity.

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