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Are Copper Vessels Good For Your Health?

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Many Indians prefer to drink water stored in copper utensils. In these modern days, many have lost that habit as we have started drinking bottled water that is stored in plastic containers.

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But are there any health benefits if you try using copper containers? Yes, many ancient sources claim that copper can positively affect the water.

It is advisable to store water in copper containers for at least 8 hours before you drink that water. Generally, people fill a copper container with water before going to bed and drink that water in the morning after waking up.

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But wait, never drink more than 3 glasses of water from copper container per day as too much of it isn't good for health.
Now, let us discuss about the health benefits of this practice.


Benefit #1

A copper container kills certain harmful micro-organisms present in the water. Especially, diarrhea-causing micro-organisms will be killed.


Benefit #2

Water stored in copper containers can minimise inflammation and heal the digestive tract.


Benefit #3

Copper also aids digestion and prevents acidity according to some sources.


Benefit #4

Another benefit is that the water can also boost the liver and kidney functions.


Benefit #5

Some sources even claim that copper can help your body get rid of the unwanted fat; but of course, only when you couple it with a regular workout.


Benefit #6

Some even opine that copper can act like an antioxidant and combat free radicals to slow down your ageing process.


Benefit #7

Also, this water can detoxify your system and also maximise the absorption of food.


Benefit #8

Copper also plays a role in enhancing your brain functions. Drinking this water helps in the long run.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 10, 2016, 8:53 [IST]
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