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Are You Shivering When It’s Not Cold? Here Are Some Reasons

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Sometimes, you tend to feel cold when others around you feel normal. If it happens rarely, you can ignore it but if it becomes a daily thing then you may need to suspect your health condition.

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Certain medical conditions could cause hypersensitivity to cold temperatures. In fact, even low bod fat levels could also be the cause.

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When your sensitivity to cold lasts for more than a couple of days and gets worse, it is very important to visit a doctor. It is better to go for a blood test. Here are some reasons behind cold intolerance...


Reason #1

When your body lacks sufficient red blood cells due to anemia or any other reason, you tend to feel cold, tired and your skin may turn pale. Visit a doctor immediately.


Reason #2

One reason behind cold sensitivity could be diabetes nephropathy. Extreme thirst, confusion, low appetite, breathing issues and frequent urination are some symptoms.


Reason #3

When the thyroid gland secretes poor levels of the hormone, your body fails to regulate its temperature in a proper way. Weight gain, fatigue, constipation and irregular monthly cycles are other symptoms of thyroid issue.


Reason #4

If you have any issues related to blood vessels then your circulation to certain areas of the body gets restricted. If only your hands or feet feel cold then you can suspect this issue.


Reason #5

Some medications could also cause cold sensitivity. Medicines which affect blood circulation could cause this condition. Migraine medication and blood pressure medication could cause it.


Reason #6

Even anorexia could cause cold sensitivity as the body lacks enough of fat to keep one warm. In women, if anorexia has caused a skipped period then it is important to visit a doctor.


Reason #7

Even lung related disorders, heart issues and pituitary gland related issues may also cause cold sensitivity. It is important to visit a doctor to get the condition diagnosed.

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