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Silicosis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment
People who work in areas where they breathe in dust containing silica are subjected to a lung disease known as silicosis . Silica is a tiny crystal that is found in rock, sand or mineral ores such as quartz. For ...
Silicosis Causes Symptoms Treatment Prevention

What Is Popcorn Lung And What Are Its Symptoms?
A condition wherein you cough a lot and tend to feel short of breath is termed as popcorn lung. Read on to know more about this condition, its causes, signs, symptoms and how it can be diagnosed and treated. What Is ...
This New Breakthrough Could Detect Early Signs Of Cancers
A new study has come into light, which reveals that artificial moles could serve as an early warning sign of cancer. Scientists have developed a synthetic gene network that serves as an early warning system against cancer. Cancer is one of ...
This New Breakthrough Could Detect Early Signs Of Cancers
One Natural Ingredient That Helps To Cleanse The Lungs
Pollution is one of the trending topics of discussion for environmentalists. A lot of debate regarding safeguarding the environment from the grasp of pollution has taken place over several years. Despite all the preventive measures to protect the environment, pollution has ...
Natural Way To Cleanse Your Lungs
Warning! E-cigarettes Can Cause This Deadly Disease
Many people are of the opinion that e-cigarettes are one of the best alternative for cigarettes. Well, this might not hold true, as e-cigarettes are equally bad as smoking cigarettes. A new study has found that vaping may not only be ...
Why Babies Breathe So Fast?
As a parent, you must be wondering why babies breathe so fast. When you have a new born baby at home, you tend to watch how your baby breathes. Of course, it is important to observe the respiratory rate of the ...
Why Babies Breathe So Fast
How To Naturally Help Your Lungs Heal With This Tea
The tea that we are talking about here is nothing but oregano tea. Oregano is an efficient medicinal herb that has been in use since ancient days. It contains potent antioxidants, antibacterial, anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties and is said to have ...
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