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Tips To Stop Clenching Your Jaw

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Some people tend to clench their jaw in their sleep. This is known as teeth grinding or bruxism. In some people, teeth grinding could also occur during waking states.

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In some people, clenching the jaw could seriously affect the teeth and that is when they need treatment. In some cases, this habit could also cause severe headaches.

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It is very important to consult the doctor and get suitable treatment. Dentist may also suggest wearing a teeth guard during nights to prevent damage to the teeth. Here are some tips to reduce the damage done by teeth grinding. However, consult a doctor even if you follow the below tips.


Tip #1

Before you go to bed, apply warm compress on the jaw area. You can place a cloth dipped in warm water on that area twice.


Tip #2

Chew a gum. This will make your jaw muscles do a workout. This could reduce the chances of teeth grinding.


Tip #3

Ensure that you relax your whole body before sleeping. This will reduce the chances of teeth grinding in sleep.


Tip #4

Stress cold also enhance the chances of teeth grinding. Therefore, find ways to reduce stress before you go to bed.


Tip #5

Massage your jaw. This may release tension in that area. That may prevent clenching of jaw.


Tip #6

Avoid drinking and smoking. They aggravate the problem. Also try to avoid chocolate too.


Tip #7

Eat fruits and vegetables that supply Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin C. You need some vitamins and minerals for healthy muscle activity.


Tip #8

Reading a book before sleep could also help you relax your mind a bit and this may help you fall asleep too.

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