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Can Food Heal Inflammation?

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Though inflammation is your body's natural response to heal itself, it isn't good for health when it reaches uncontrollable proportions.

Chronic inflammation can have a damaging effect on the body. In fact, it could also cause heart issues, obesity, fibromyalgia etc. So, it is better to reduce inflammation.

Is there a simple way to do that? Well, an anti- inflammatory diet can help. You need to avoid dairy, saturated fats, transfats, white rice, refined foods, processed foods, pasta etc. What to consume then? Well read on to know....



The best foods that are naturally anti-inflammatory are turmeric and ginger. Include them in your diet as they reduce inflammation.



Berries contain anthocyanins which are anti-inflammatory agents. Munching berries as a snack does some good in the long run.



Beetroot contains betalains which are said to reduce inflammation. Beet root juice is very good for health in the long run.



The lycopene in tomatoes can reduce inflammation. Cooked tomatoes are better for this purpose.


Leafy Greens

The vitamin E content in spinach and other leafy greens can reduce inflammation.


Olive Oil

Olive oil contains oleocanthal. This is a compound that can minimise inflammation.


Fatty Fish

Omega 3 fatty aids present in fatty fish can reduce inflammation. Enjoy your fish like salmon and mackerel.



Walnuts, almonds and some other nuts reduce inflammation. They contain antioxidants that combat inflammation.

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