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The Dangers Of Overtraining

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If your testosterone levels are low, you must handle your workouts carefully! A recent study claims that over training can further kill your testosterone levels. In fact, the effect of one day of over training may last for 3-4 days according to this study!

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Irrespective of what your workout is, the dangers of over training may harm your T-Levels as per the study. This applies to both weight lifting as well as endurance activities like running too. And we all know that low T-levels would kill the libido!

Though exercise has many benefits in the long run including better testosterone levels, if you over train, you are not going to enjoy those benefits.
A recent study conducted on bodybuilders and football players confirmed the same. Those who over trained showed a drop in their T levels by nearly 18%!

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In fact, there are other dangers of over training too. They include high BP, poor appetite, insomnia, fatigue, irritability and more. Now, let us take a look at certain steps to be taken in order to avoid overtraining.



Food is what fuels your workouts, energises you and helps your recover. So, don't ignore food even if you lack appetite after intense workouts. Also, never ignore carbs as they are important if you are intensely training.


Allow Enough Recovery Time

If you feel too sore after a workout, wait till you recover before the next workout session. When you are young, you may recover faster but as you age, you might need more time. Listen to your body instead of blindly working out day after day.


Get More Sleep

A sore body needs peaceful sleep for 8 hours. If for any reason, you haven't slept well, skip the next day's workout but not your sleep.


Do Something Different

When certain intense workouts have made you sore, try something different and lighter that doesn't burden your system too much.


Occasionally, Get A Massage

As massage stimulates blood circulation and also relaxes muscles, get one after intense workouts so that you may unwind better.


Don't Work Out For Too Long

Keep your workout timings shorter instead of prolonging. Consult your gym coach and plan for better schedules that understand your body's capacities and limits.


Never Take Fatigue Easily

Fatigue is your body's way of saying it's enough. If you hear that signal, the only thing to do is slow down.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 8:03 [IST]
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