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    Why The Warrior Diet Might Work


    Most of the other diets recommend eating 6 meals a day whereas the warrior diet is about eating only one meal a day. Yes, just one meal! Worried? Well, whether we embrace it or not, let us take a look at this method created by Ori Hofmekler.

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    Firstly, this diet breaks all conventional diet rules. Its main focus is to eat less during the day and eat a lot during the night.

    Most of the nutritionists don't recommended skipping meals but some people who followed this achieved results beyond expectations. Yes, both fat loss and muscle gains altered over a period of time.

    The creator of this diet claims that ancient cave men never ate big meals in the day like most of us. As our ancestors had to hunt, they just ate a small snack in the morning and went for hunting. In the evening, when they returned back to the cave, they used to have a big feast as dinner.

    This makes sense, because a hunter's senses should be alert and his body should be fast. A big meal will slow you down and make you feel sleepy; so you cant even go for hunting.

    Also, when you fast during the day, your body gets into detox mode and when you feast in the night, you can satisfy your taste buds with lots of food.

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    Note: Without consulting a doctor, it is not advisable to try any new diet. Also, people with health conditions like diabetes or other conditions, should never experiment with diets without discussing with a medical practitioner.


    What To Eat And When To Eat?

    This diet recommends under eating throughout the day and feasting during a 4-hour period between the evening and the night. So, your food choices in the day can be something light like- water, broth, vegetable juices, snacks like berries, yoghurt etc.

    At night, you can enjoy a cooked meal with eggs, meat, bananas, nuts, legumes, root vegetables, fish etc. Avoid sugar and alcohol. So, plan your warrior diet meal plan accordingly.


    Why It May Work?

    This diet is said to be closer to our evolutionary cycle. Back then, our ancestors underwent physical and nutritional stress and got adapted much to it. Today, we are totally living in comfortable zones; eating lots of food without even moving.


    Ageing Process

    This diet is also said to keep you young. As your body efficiently detoxifies itself the whole day and day after day, you might age at a slower rate.



    This diet is said to enhance your longevity too. Calorie restriction is said to prolong the lifespan of any organism and this applies even to micro-organisms.


    Insulin Sensitivity

    This diet is also said to spike your insulin sensitivity. We all know that fat loss and muscle growth also depend a lot on insulin. When your insulin sensitivity is boosted, your body will be able to efficiently partition nutrients and lose fat efficiently.


    Fat Burning

    This diet also burns more fat even though you consume the same number of calories. Also, this diet favours eating a big meal in the night as it is said to help the activity of the growth hormone in your body when you are asleep.



    This diet never forces you to count your calories. Your body and appetite are the best guides in how much you eat during the feast. However, if you are a high carb person eating more of carbohydrates, ensure that you workout the next day and burn what you ate.



    Also, those who exercise during the period of this diet are supposed to consume a protein shake before the workout as intense exercise during a fast may lead to burnouts.



    As we all are different this diet may work for some and may not work for many. Also, if fasting throughout the day is making your cravings worse, then this diet is not for you. Also, consulting a doctor is very important before you try any new diet.

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