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Myths About Spicy Food

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Some of us love spicy foods whereas some of us are scared to eat the hot stuff. Putting aside the love and hate for spicy stuff, there are some who believe in myths about spicy food and that is why they prefer to stay away from anything that is hot on the tongue.

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Well, most of the things we heard of spicy stuff isn't totally true. Some are misconceptions. As spicy stuff sets the tongue on fire we tend to have an opinion about it. As capsaicin which is present in spicy stuff is a chemical that may react on your taste buds, you get numbing sensation.

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Though consuming anything in excess is unhealthy, we tend to perceive spicy stuff more as an unhealthy food option. Of course, only your family doctor can tell you how healthy or unhealthy any food is for you as your health condition will also be considered before any food is prescribed for you.

Now, let us discuss certain myths about spicy food.


Myth #1

Most of us believe that spicy foods can speed up metabolism. But statistics suggest that the effect is too negligible to even consider.


Myth #2

We also believe that spicy foods are the reason behind ulcers. But recently, researchers found out the fact that a peculiar bacteria that grows in the stomach is the real reason behind it.


Myth #3

Spicy foods don't cause numbness as believed by many. In fact, that feeling of numbness is due to your body's reaction when you consume something very spicy. When your tongue is on fire, your brain tries to release some feel-good chemicals to soothe you.


Myth #4

Spicy stuff may worsen your condition if you are suffering from conditions like acid reflux. But unlike many believe, spicy stuff doesn't cause acid reflux.


Myth #5

Previously, it was believed that spicy stuff can eat away the stomach lining. But researchers found that either parasites or certain prescription drugs are responsible for that.


Myth #6

Many think that spicy food can make you an addict. This is just a myth as health experts didn't find any evidence supporting that statement.


Myth #7

Some women believe that spicy food may lead to premature labour when consumed during pregnancy. This is also a myth according to researchers.

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Story first published: Monday, January 11, 2016, 15:29 [IST]
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