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How To Drink Water And Lose Weight

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A new study says that if you drink nearly 500 ml of water exactly before 30 minutes of your breakfast, lunch or dinner consumption, you can easily lose weight. So, losing weight is easy!

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Researchers recommend drinking some water before consuming the major meals of the day. As a part of the study, researchers monitored a group of obese people for nearly 3 months.

They were divided into two groups out of which one started drinking water before meals. After the end of the 3 month time, the group that consumed water successfully lost a kilogram of fat.

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Other than the water consumption, everything else was same for both groups whether it is the diet or fitness regime.
This has convinced researchers that there is something that works when you consume water and eat food. Maybe, the appetite may get toned down leading to lesser consumption of food.


Step #1

Yes, water suppresses your appetite. When you drink a bottle of water 25 minutes before you eat a big meal, you might feel full and this might make you eat lesser quantity of food. According to researchers, you might consume around 80 calories lesser than your regular intake.


Step #2

Your next target is to eliminate all drinks that contain calories. So, instead of drinking soda, drink water. Instead of drinking coffee or a sugary drink, consume water.


Step #3

Drink cold water if losing weight is your target. According to researchers, your body needs to speed up its metabolism when you consume cold water. That would help you burn some calories.


Step #4

Workout more intensely as water will prevent cramps and make you work out effortlessly. It also hydrates your system well.


Step #5

Never miss the count. Drink more than 10 glasses of water per day if you wish to lose weight.


Step #6

Watch your sweat levels too. If you feel that you lost water through sweat, drink again.


Step #7

When in doubt drink water; when you feel a carving for a snack, drink water. When you feel like smoking, drink water. When you feel like drinking a cup of coffee, drink water. Make water your religion until you lose weight.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 8:03 [IST]
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