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9 Foods To Stay Away From If You Have Joint Pain

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There are times when we are upset with people and can call them a "pain in the neck", but actually suffering from the discomfort of body pain is an entirely different story!

Living with a long-term physical pain can decrease the quality of your life to a great extent.

The constant nagging pain around your joints can stop you from doing a lot of things such as exercising, dancing, going on long walks, etc. Joint pain is caused by the inflammation of muscles and tissues around your joints.

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The affected areas are usually shoulder joints, ankle joints, knee and arm joints, hips, fingers, etc.

Arthritis, which is a muscle-related disorder, can also be one of the reasons for joint stiffness and pain.

Other reasons for joint pain may include conditions like osteoporosis, viral infections, lack of exercise, poor diet, etc.

There are many ways to treat joint pain including oral medications, topical sprays or ointments, massages, physiotherapy sessions, etc.

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Along with that, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine also helps a lot.

There are certain foods that are associated with making the joint pain worse. Here is a list of foods that you can stay away from if you have a joint pain. Take a look.


Artificial Sugars

It is advised that people suffering from joint pain should stay away from foods that contain high quantities of artificial and processed sugars, as they could cause weight gain, thereby leading to the application of more pressure on your joints.


Dairy Products

Dairy products are packed with proteins. High level of proteins are known to worsen muscle inflammation and pain, and they can also lead to weight gain. So, they are best avoided.


Processed Meat

Processed meat and even red meat are meats that are high in calories and come with nitrites and purines, which are known to heighten inflammation, thereby worsening the joint pain.



Tomatoes are known to contain a high amount of uric acid, which may get accumulated in your joints and increase the inflammation. So, it can be avoided.


Shell Fish

Shell fish also contains purines that gets converted into uric acid. When there is excess uric acid in your system, your inflammation and pain tend to increase.



Studies have shown that consuming eggs on a daily basis can increase your joint pain, as egg yolk contains arachidonic acid, which is known to stimulate inflammation of the muscles.


Vegetable Oils

Certain types of vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil, etc, are high in fat content, which may lead to more weight gain, thereby making the pain and inflammation worse.



Alcoholic beverages like beer also contain uric acid that is bad for inflammation and joint pain. Also, the gluten content in certain types of alcohol can affect a body's ability to heal the pain.


Refined Salt

The various minerals like phosphorus and silicon present in refined salt are known to decrease bone density and make bones more weak, thereby causing joint pain.

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