Natural Pain Killers In Your Kitchen

By: Niharika Choudhary
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Contrary to the famous theory, 'No pain no gain', I particularly do not believe in such a theory. No gain can be enjoyed if it brings along with it a ton of pain.

Most of us spend at least one-fourth of our lives in fighting these pains away. By pains, I do not mean any feelings related to the pain - such as heart break, loss, etc.

Through this article, let's focus only on our bodily pains. Yes, the physical pain that can drive our energy out for good! These pains could range from headaches to excruciating arthritic pains.

We humans spend lakhs of money to curb these kinds of pains. At first, we rely on medicines, next we go for massages; and if the pain continues, the doctors further refer us to go for a surgery.

The whole process that started from a small pain snowballs into a big problem that exhausts us physically, mentally and financially.

So, through this article, I don't promise to wipe away all your pains; however, I'll list down some easy home remedies that can help soothe down that pain for sometime.

The best part is that you can grow most of these in your balconies or backyards and use them fresh for best results.


Ginger And Turmeric

Both of them belong to the Zingiberaceae family and have their beneficial components in their rhizomes or roots.

Ginger and turmeric have immense anti-inflammatory properties and have been an indispensable compound of Ayurveda.

Turmeric is essentially beneficial in curing muscular and joint pain. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric cures inflammation from wear and tear and, sometimes, it also slows blood clotting.



Garlic has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. When consumed raw, garlic works wonders in relieving the pain of arthritis and other kinds of pains. It also gives a quick relief in alleviating toothaches.



Cloves work best against toothaches. Dab a little clove oil in cotton and place it on the aching tooth or simply place some cloves on and around the area and chew them at intervals for some quick relief.


Holy Basil

Holy basil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. Just a few drops of its leaves can give a quick relief from soaring earaches.



Mint is the store-house of all kinds of pain relievers. It quickly comforts you from toothaches, joint conditions, headaches and muscle pain. Just dab some mint juice on the affected area and experience the magic.



Some studies have showed that eating sweet foods like cookies, chocolates, or ice creams can help lower the sensation of pain. Even the sweet smell of these delicacies can relax your nerves and ease your pain.

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