How To Use Raisins To Cleanse Liver

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Liver has a lot of work to do which includes elimination of harmful toxins. Occasionally, it is better to give a break to the ingestion of toxins through food and beverages and help your liver cleanse itself.

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A weak liver is vulnerable to certain risks like hepatitis, cirrhosis and fatty liver. Also, certain prescription drugs also weaken the liver.

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So, if you wish to cleanse your liver using a simple home remedy, here is one.


Step #1

Get a pot and a handful of raisins. Place the raisins in the pot and fill it with 2 glasses of water.


Step #2

In fact, it is better to maintain a ratio. If you are using half a glass of raisins, use one and a half glasses of water. Ensure that the water is three times more than the quantity of raisins.


Step #3

Boil the water for a few minutes by covering it with a lid. After it is boiled, remove it from the stove and store it for a day in your kitchen.


Step #4

Next day, strain the water and drink it after you wake up. Repeat the same for a week and your liver will make you feel good.


Step #5

If this remedy has to work you need to stay away from liquor, junk food and smoking habits.

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