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Health Foods That Are Not Really Healthy

Posted By: Staff

In order to improve your health and well being, having healthy foods is a must. What we actually need is a great and simple healthy food list to get us going on the right path. An excellent healthy food list is essential for people seeking to improve their eating routine and start on a diet of essential nutrients.

Choose those foods which are full of natural vitamins, are not processed and do not contain synthetic ingredients and toxic materials. However, one should be careful while choosing health foods because the so-called health foods may not be healthy at all. Let us focus on some of the health foods that are not really healthy.

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healthy foods that are unhealthy

The cornflakes that you have in the morning might be full of sugar. Also, the essential vitamins and minerals are destroyed in the manufacturing process. Synthetic ingredients are sometimes added to compensate these losses.

healthy foods that are unhealthy

It is always better to have whole milk. Skimmed milk has less fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K than whole milk. Also, to thicken skimmed milk, powders are added that end up damaging the arteries in the long run.

healthy foods that are unhealthy

Margarines, which are claimed to be better that butter and cheese are not healthy at all. It is hydrogenated oil that takes longer to digest and causes cardiovascular diseases. Vegetable oils like corn, grape and canola are unhealthy as well. They are extracted at high temperatures and chemicals are added to improve their colour and odour.

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healthy foods that are unhealthy

Many protein bars are unhealthy. They contain high quantities of sugar and trans fats. Also whole wheat breads are not always whole as they claim to be. They contain white flour, synthetic agents and preservatives that make them unhealthy.

healthy foods that are unhealthy

Fruit juices that claim to be healthy are not healthy at all. They contain high quantities of sugar and calories. Instead go for the whole fruits. It is the same with energy drinks. They provide the initial kick, but are very unhealthy. Instead go for water.

Story first published: Friday, July 15, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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