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7 Healthy Foods To Avoid That Are Bad For You

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There are certain foods which deceive us into thinking that they are healthy and nutritious for us to consume. We get tempted to purchase these seemingly healthy foods at a supermarket. To avoid this, we must make a list of what to purchase and what not to.

These unhealthy foods, that are labeled as healthy, can cause many health issues such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, weight gain, liver problems and brain damage. You must be aware of such "so called" healthy foods that can be gravely unhealthy.

The super market is filled with such foods that may deceive us and we, therefore, buy them assuming that they are healthy for us. Be aware of these unhealthy foods that bear the tag of being healthy. One more thing which tempts us to purchase these foods is that they are easy to prepare and are a treat to our taste buds as well.

They not only take a toll on your health, but also empty your pockets. Hence, here is a list of healthy foods that can actually be very unhealthy for you. Have a look!


Vegetable Fries

We love to eat potato chips or other vegetable chips and usually get tempted to buy them. Frying and baking processes of these chips at high temperatures produces a substance known as acrylamide, which can increase the risk of several types of cancer, including cervical cancer. This is one of the healthy foods that is unhealthy and must be avoided right this instant.



It may be a healthy source of proteins for vegetarians. However, it contains phytoestrogens that act similar to the female hormone estrogen in the body. The enhanced action of female hormones can increase the risk of breast cancer. Soy also contains natural toxins known as "anti-nutrients," such as oxalates and saponins, which can stop the digestion of proteins in the body.


Flavoured Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a good source of calcium, probiotics, high-quality protein, vitamins and conjugated linoleic acid that fight against cancer cells. However, flavoured yoghurt purchased from a supermarket contains more calories in the form of sugar, added preservatives and artificial flavours. The sugar and additives prevent the beneficial effects of probiotics in the yoghurt, thereby leading to weight gain.


Potato Fries

This is another unhealthy food that seems to be falsely healthy. It also contains chemicals and less of potato. It contains sugar, salt, colours, flavours and other added artificial products that increase the risk of high blood sugar and also high blood pressure.


Chicken Nuggets

They only contain about 50 percent of chicken and the rest are additives, which are harmful for your health. To keep chicken well preserved, manufacturers add a lot of preservatives that can deteriorate the health. They also contain fillers such as maida (refined flour) and maize flour that contribute to weight gain.


Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are another thing that we get tempted to purchase in a supermarket. These fruit juices contain a lot of fructose sugar that can lead to weight gain. Apart from that, it also contains many preservatives, artificial flavours, etc, that can spoil your health. It is better to have whole fruits or home-made fruit juices rather than buying them from supermarkets.


Diet Soft Drinks

It is a common notion to go in for sugar-free drinks, assuming that they are healthy. This is just a deception, as they contain zero-calorie sugar or aspartame that can cause diabetes and weight gain if taken in excess.

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