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Amazing Super Drink Recipes To Sip After The Gym

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Homemade energy drinks are much cheaper than ready-made ones that are filled with sugar, present in stores. Some of those drinks are made to restore electrolytes and also to give new impetus when required.

Unlike store-purchased versions, these beverages don't have any synthetic additives, colourings, or abnormal flavourings. This drink isn't heavy on caffeine or sugar to give you an increase of energy when it's needed.

drink recipes to have after gym

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So, start your day with the below-mentioned beverages. Try it in the morning or mid-day or have it after a great workout session to excite your productivity. These relaxing beverages get their kick straight from nature.

Take this formula up to an entire new degree by replacing the water with fruit juices instead. So, have a look at these 4 amazing super drink recipes that you can sip after a workout session in the gym.

drink recipes to have after gym

Chocolate Drink
Chocolate is a natural supply of caffeine, which is the reason why this small beverage provides you that additional kick you need to complete or start your day. This drink doesn't have added sugar, it's sugared only by a fruit. This cool small beverage will keep you going on an extended hot day.

drink recipes to have after gym

Wheatgrass + Banana Drink
Wheatgrass has for ages been considered a healthful drink more than any energy drink that is available in the market. Wheatgrass along with overripe banana are the resources of nutritious energy in this beverage.

drink recipes to have after gym

Carrot + Orange Drink
Jump-start your morning with this tasty carrot and orange drink. Regardless of the name, this drink is excellent to be had anytime during the day. The drink is sugared only by the many fruits in this wonderful little, but strong drink. Full of vitamin C, this beverage is a good way to rev up your day or give an instant boost, whenever you need it the most. This yummy addition to your day may get you past that run down feeling and through the rest of the day.

drink recipes to have after gym

Maple Syrup Drink
Get an increase and the taste of the islands with this tropics energy drink. All-natural maple syrup serves as a sweetener in this high energy drink. The beverage is saturated in sodium and shouldn't be utilised by someone with a high blood pressure level.

This excellent beverage not only stimulates, but it detoxifies as well. The beverage can be spiced up by adding some ginger to it. Power-up your day, following a good workout, or assist in perking up following a long day. Re-energise and revitalise with a cup saturated in this energy drink.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 18, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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