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Aphrodisiac Fruits To Boost Your Mood


Aphrodisiacs are foods (vegetables and fruits) that are effective in increasing sexual desires. There are many aphrodisiac foods that can increase your desires and spice up romance. Many couples have aphrodisiac foods to boost their sexuality and perform better. As it is Valentine's Day, you can try some aphrodisiac foods today to spice up your romance. Foods like asparagus, herbs like basil, spices like garlic, nuts like almonds and fruits like strawberries are natural aphrodisiacs.

Oysters is one seafood that is famously known as a natural aphrodisiac. However, there are not just vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices that fall under the list of natural aphrodisiacs. Apart from foods, even fruits have been used as an aphrodisiac from ages. For example, we all love to grasp a bite of sour and sweet red strawberries. This red fruit of love is an aphrodisiac that can heat up romance in the lives of a couple. There are many other such fruits that are also served as aphrodisiacs. The best thing about these fruits are, they are common and easily available in the market. Take a look...

9 aphrodisiac fruits for Valentine's Day:



The red berries are a rich source of Vitamin B and folic acid that boosts fertility of women. This fruit also increases sperm count in men.



Don't mislead yourself by thinking that bananas are just rich in iron. These are natural aphrodisiac fruits that can increase desires. Bananas have Vitamin B complex that keeps the sexual organs active and healthy.



Used by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Even, this fruit paradoxically symbolises sexuality and modesty. The potent aphrodisiac boosts women fertility.



Apart from offering health and skin benefits; avocados are a wonder aphrodisiac fruit. Have them to increase your desires on this Valentine's Day.


Goji Berries

These berries are a fertility boosters for men. The polysaccharides in goji berries increase sperm count and sex hormones.



The sweet and juicy exotic fruit has Vitamin C, copper and magnesium that increases sensual desires.



The tropical and juicy citrus fruit has antioxidants, Vitamin C, and folic acid that are required to boost male and female reproductive systems.



Some cherries stimulate pheromone production. They look cute and the small red cherries can also spice up love life.



Coconut water is not just a refreshing drink with several health benefits. The electrolytes present in it increase body metabolism and blood flow in the body. So, it can be served as an aphrodisiac to boost your mood.

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