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10 Ways To Add Almonds To Your Diet

Almonds have a good store of lean proteins, which is extremely good for the brain. Apart from supplying energy, almonds help in the repair of brain cells that are damaged during the life processes, which in turn, plays a major role in the improvement of cognitive functions of the brain that includes memory capacity [1].

Power-packed with various nutrients, almonds are one amongst the most beneficial nuts. As almonds are rich in vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids they can break down the cholesterol accumulated in your body and flush them out of your system [2].

A great addition to your diet, the versatility of almonds makes it easy for the nut to be added to your daily routine. In the current article, we will look at the different ways through which you can add the varieties of almond, such as almond milk, almond butter etc. into your diet.


Ways To Add Almond To Your Diet

Eat As A Snack: Filling, healthy and tasty, almonds are best for snacking. You do not have to stick to plain almonds, try the different varieties such as sweet, spicy, salty and so on. Do keep in mind that the healthiest version of almonds is raw almonds (nope, not even salted) [3].

Make A Trail Mix: Trail mixes are healthy and tasty. You can make a trail mix with almonds at home. Add dried fruits, whole-grain cereal and dark chocolate to complete the mix.

Add To Smoothies: You can use whole almonds or almond butter for this. Not only do you benefit from the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins, but the good fat in almonds also help boost the absorption of antioxidants from your (fruit) smoothie [4].

Add To Oatmeal: Add a spoonful of almond butter to your breakfast oatmeal to increase its nutritional value [5]. This can help provide your daily dose of protein and healthy fats.

Replace White Flour: Out with the unhealthy and in with the extremely healthy. Replace white flour with almond flour while making pancakes, muffins and for other baking purposes. A perfect alternative for a gluten-free diet, almond flour is high in protein, manganese, vitamin E and monounsaturated fats, and is low in carbohydrates, and contains fibre [6][7].


How To Add Almonds To Your Diet

Add To Salads: Use sliced almonds in salads. You can add it in vegetable salads as well as fruit salads.

Make A Sauce: You can use almond slices as well as almond butter to make a sauce. Add some freshly grated garlic, ginger, a pinch of salt and pepper powder to bring out the flavour. Enjoy the sauce with stir-fried vegetables.

Replace Dairy: Dairy is good for health but dairy alternatives are healthier [8]. Instead of adding dairy to your daily cup of coffee or tea, switch to almond milk.

Add To Yoghurt: Top your yoghurt with crushed almonds. Yoghurt is packed with good live bacteria, known as probiotics which when combined with almond can be good for your health [9].

Make A Salad: Almond is not just to be used as an ingredient in a salad. You can toast some whole almonds with herbs and spices, and add to it freshly cut vegetables and enjoy.


On A Final Note…

Apart from the aforementioned, you can add almonds to anything and everything. When you are craving candy try munching on dark-chocolate covered almonds or you can increase the nutritional value of cookies or brownies by adding in some almonds - the options are endless.

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