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World Vegan Day 2019: 10 Things That Happen When You Try A Vegan Diet

This World Vegan Day (November 1), are you considering going on a vegan diet? Are you going to ditch those non-vegetarian foods? Well, you are not alone. There are many who have transformed their non-vegetarian diet into a vegetarian one, including several celebrities.

People put their meat and dairy food diet to rest for environment and ethical reasons and also for health reasons. There are many benefits to whole foods and plant-based diets, which include reduced risk of chronic diseases and sudden weight loss.


Though according to the census, 70 percent of the Indians above the age of 15 years are non-vegetarians, the numbers are expected to decline. Experts said that increasing heart disorders, health awareness, diabetes and cancer may have an influence on the Indian palate.

When you switch to a vegan diet, there are number of changes that your body undergoes.

Here's what happens when you try a vegan diet:

1. Your Gut Bacteria Will Change

When you start eating veganfoods, your body will automatically adjust by changing your gut bacteria. You will start bloating and farting a lot, which is a good sign. It happens because the body is cleansing itself of the dioxins, hormones, bacteria, and toxins from your animal-based diet.


2. Vegan And Plant-based Foods Are Different

Vegan diets do not contain any animal meats or by-products. And a plant-based diet focuses more on a whole food diet. In a vegan diet, you can enjoy eating French fries and sweets but, on a plant-based diet you cannot enjoy these foods.


3. Your Skin Will Clear Up

The skin acts as a channel for removing the toxins that show in the form of acne. Since meat and dairy products are known for disrupting the body's hormones, going on a vegan diet will balance your hormonal reactions and also clear out your skin.


4. You May Lose Extra Weight

You can consume fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates that will aid in weight loss. Studies have shown that going on a vegan diet will help in weight loss and will make you lose those extra pounds. It all depends on whether you are on a low-carb diet or on a high-carb one.


5. Body Odour Will Change

After you have transformed to a vegan diet, you will notice that your body odour will change, which means you will smell pleasant. Eating non-vegetarian foods such as red meat causes toxins to be released into the bloodstream and intestines, which may cause a bad body odour.


6. Your Heart Health Will Improve

Since on a vegan diet you will be eating foods which are less in saturated fats, your heart is going to be super healthy. It's all about making good food choices by cutting down saturated fat, cheese, dairy and animal fats.


7. You Will Need Vitamin Pills

When you are cutting down on meat and dairy products, there will be a decline of important vitamins from these foods. In a vegan diet, it may be difficult to get some of the vitamins and minerals found in meat products. But, you can take vitamin D, iron, and vitamin B12 pills.


8. You Will Get Protein From The Vegan Foods

There is so much protein found in plant-based foods, you will get an ample amount of protein from them. You can consume foods like quinoa, beans, legumes, nuts and vegetables which also contain a high amount of protein.


9. Your Calcium Levels Drop

If you are omitting out dairy products completely from your diet, there might be a chance of getting calcium deficiency. Most of the dairy foods are rich in calcium, which isn't found in vegan foods. You can reach out for soy milk, which is similar to cow's milk.


10. Healthy Digestive System

Going on a vegan diet will allow you to have more fibre found in pulses, whole grains and starchy vegetables. Eating these foods regularly will naturally help to improve your digestive system and the fibre will have a laxative effect in the intestines too.

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