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Health Benefits Of Matki

Moth bean has an Indian name matki. It can withstand hot climate and grow well even in some areas hit by drought. It can be easily grown as it rarely needs protection from pests etc.

Most of the Indian bodybuilders love matki or moth beans as it is easily available protein-food that offers energy.

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Firstly, pulses are low in cholesterol and fat and therefore can be a part of your daily life. You can also sprout matki before eating as that would make it more nutritious. Here are some health benefits of matki.



Matki or moth bean is rich in proteins. For vegetarians, it is a good protein and calcium source. It also offers fibre, vitamins and minerals.


Moth beans also supply vitamin B, zinc, sodium, copper, iron, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, calcium and magnesium too.

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With Rice/Roti

Matki can be eaten along with rice or even roti. The best thing is that it can even be eaten directly. It can be consumed as sprouts or can also be added to your salads.


In some places of India, matki or moth beans are milled and floured to prepare dough for 'dosa' too. It keeps you energetic as it also provides carbohydrates.

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The zinc content in it boosts your immunity. Moth beans can also reduce the effects of stress on your body. Moth beans also support muscle gain and fat loss.

Prevents Constipation

Moth beans are fibre rich, they can prevent constipation, move out the toxins and also reduce high BP and cholesterol.

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