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What Happens When You Have Oats For Breakfast Every Day?

By: Ajanta Sen

Food is a basic need for every living being, but humans have different ways of getting it. Plants are the only living things that can prepare their own food by themselves, and all other living things depend on them directly or indirectly.

Plants have been the source of many healthy foods. The most important thing about them lies in the fact that those items are not available anywhere else.

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Oats is a whole grain that offers some great health benefits. In the opinion of the leading nutrition experts, the benefits of oats have made them an inseparable part of human life.

As per their suggestion, there can be no better way to start a day's diet than starting it with oats. Though people have their own way of eating oats, most of them offer some great advantages.

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Due to the fact that oatmeal is rich in fibre; the regular consumption of this magic food can keep the metabolism healthy and smooth. If you are not taking oats in your daily meals, then you are missing some great advantages.

You can always expect the following advantages of taking oats on a regular basis, check it out.


Good For Weight Control:

Oatmeal is rich in fibre, so it keeps you feeling full after eating it for your breakfast. One serving of oatmeal can keep you going good till the lunch time. This is an exciting as well as a successful way to control weight and stop it from increasing abruptly. You just need to maintain a good habit of taking this fibre-rich food regularly.


Healthy For Heart:

It is tested that oats reduces the bad LDL cholesterol that is extremely harmful for the smooth functioning of the heart. Besides, oats also has a good content of antioxidants that keep the heart in a perfect condition. The well-known cardiologists from all the leading medical colleges and institutions suggest a rich diet containing oats every day. Obviously, the target is to keep the heart functioning well.


It Contains Nutrients:

As mentioned earlier, oats has a rich content of almost all the valuable nutrients. Though fibre content is maximum in this diet, it also contains magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, zinc and flavonoids. Moreover, one serving of oatmeal can supply the body with around 307 calories of energy.


It Helps Lower Diabetes:

Oatmeal has been tested positive to be diabetes friendly as well. It reduces the content of sugar in the meals, as it helps in reducing the content of glucose in the blood. The advantage has encouraged the doctors to suggest their diabetic patients with regular diets of oatmeal.


Lowers The Risk Of Hypertension:

Oats manages the blood pressure and that is why it works effectively in lowering the risk of hypertension. This is a significant benefit that can be of great help for those people who suffer from hypertension.


Helps In Bowel Movement:

Since a bowl of nutritious oatmeal has a rich content of fibre, it helps the stomach to digest the foods without having any significant trouble. It manages the metabolism very effectively and therefore results as a great help to reduce constipation. It helps in the easy movement of the bowel, thereby keeping digestive-related disorders at bay.


Cuts On The Cholesterol Level:

Body has both good and bad cholesterol that have their own impact on the health. Obviously, the presence of LDL cholesterol worries both the doctors and patients. However, a regular consumption of oatmeal can reduce the chances of an increase in the level of bad cholesterol, especially LDL cholesterol.

Therefore, you can easily conclude what happens when you have oats for breakfast every day. These are some of the advantages that make a bowl of oatmeal a must-include everyday breakfast option.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 19, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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