Benefits Of Having A Healthy Breakfast

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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People have some wrong notions about dieting. Young people, specifically feel that dieting means you have to avoid food.

And breakfast is that part of your life, which you skip intentionally to avoid that extra calorie intake. You remain busiest in the morning, and get excuses to avoid breakfast by saying you don’t have time.

But, do you have any idea that you're getting it completely wrong? You should know the importance of having breakfast during the day to keep yourself healthy.

Recent studies have shown that not having breakfast for long term may harm your body than doing any good. Actually, after having dinner, you go to sleep and your body doesn’t get food for a long time.

If you skip your breakfast, you remain in an empty stomach for a longer period of time, which only makes things worse. You don’t lose weight by skipping your breakfast; rather you’re more prone to become obese.

To understand why breakfast is very important in a day, you should know the benefits of having breakfast. Having healthy breakfast gives your body enough energy to kick-start a fresh day.

If you want to stay healthy and lose weight, never skip your breakfast. Here is the importance of having breakfast which you should have a look at.


1.Break Your Fast:

Why breakfast is very important in a day? Primarily, it is the foods that break your long-time fast after dinner. For not eating, your metabolism rate becomes slow.

As soon as you eat breakfast, your metabolism rate increases and you start burning more calories to lose weight.


2.Lose Weight:

Medical researches have shown that people who eat breakfast lose weight faster than those who skip it. Actually, if you avoid breakfast, by the time of lunch, you get very hungry.

So, you eat whatever you get in sight. Often people have junk foods. Thus, they gain weight.


3.You Fight Sickness:

If you want to know the importance of breakfast in a day, you must know that having breakfast gives you a strong immunity. Skipping breakfast makes your cells and organs weak and you become more prone to germs and viruses.


4.Keeps You In A Good Mood:

Are you looking for the reasons why breakfast is very important in a day? Well, it keeps you in a good mood. How? Eating breakfast augments the secretion of serotonin which makes you happy and it also balances your appetite and sleep.


5.Lowers The Risk Of Diabetes:

When you think why breakfast is very important in a day, you should know that this habit helps you to stay out from the risk of type 2 diabetes. It is a proven fact that people, especially women, who skip breakfast are at a higher risk of this disorder.


6.Makes You Smarter:

It has been found in various researches that breakfast boosts up your ability to learn faster and also sharpens your memory. So, make your kids eat breakfast to improve their performance at school. Now, you know why breakfast is very important during the day?


7.Improves Your Brain Power:

Generally, what do you eat in your breakfast? May be it is whole grain cereals or bread, milk and eggs, coffee, right? All these foods at breakfast increase the sugar level in the brain and thus enable you to focus more on your job.

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Story first published: Sunday, February 21, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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