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How To Control Appetite


Though we perceive appetite as a purely bodily phenomenon, it can also be said that its both psychological as well as physical process. Are you wondering how mind plays a role?

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Well, when your moods are low, you tend to overeat. When you feel stressed out, you seek escape by eating. When you are bored, you tend to snack on something. Such behaviours are proof that hunger is not the only motive behind your eating habits.


Hunger is a bodily aspect whereas moods or mental states are purely psychological. We have finally reached a stage where we seldom care about hunger and eat to satisfy the mind and the taste buds.

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Nowadays, overeating has become common. That is why the market is filled with pills that suppress appetite and burn fat. Now, let us discuss ways to naturally control the appetite.


Tip #1

Eating breakfast prevents you from binging at the time of lunch. Many studies and surveys claim that those who skip breakfast tend to overeat more.


Tip #2

Some foods have a tendency to suppress your appetite. Choose them. Some foods like apples and green tea control your appetite. Fill your bowl with them.


Tip #3

Stop trying to snack on something when you are bored. Also, don't snack while watching TV. And never try to console yourself eating sweets. All of these habits turn into emotional eating habits and that is how your appetite goes out of control.


Tip #4

Eat mindfully and sleep well. Both of these habits can help you maintain healthy appetite. Eating mindfully helps your body send you signals when you are full. Sleeping sufficiently helps your body gauge its needs for food and energy in a better way.


Tip #5

Fibre keeps you full. Even if you eat a small portion, you tend to feel full for longer. It can keep your appetite in control. And it is also good for digestion and blood sugar levels. Eat fibre-rich foods.


Tip #6

Storage of water require space. So, when you drink water, some space in your stomach gets filled. And this reduces your appetite a bit; and as water doesn't contain calories, you won't become fat. Drink a glass of water 45 minutes before lunch.


Tip #7

Some reports claim that yoga can do a good job at reducing appetite. As such practices increase your awareness and expand your consciousness, you tend to eat healthy foods in sensible portions. Also, as your stress levels are minimised with yoga, your binge eating habit decreases.

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