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Eat These Foods To Reduce Allergies

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Allergies make you uncomfortable. Imagine the symptoms. Runny nose, itchy skin, breathing problems or irritability; how can one feel comfortable and healthy when such allergies spoil your moods?

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There are many prescription drugs that deal with allergies which include bronchodilators, corticosteroids, nasal decongestants and antihistamines.

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But frankly speaking, medication can go heavy on your system or make you a dependent. You can actually try natural remedies too. Are you wondering how? Here are some foods to include in your list.



Garlic strengthens your immunity. It also contains antioxidants. Eating a piece of garlic like a tablet helps protect your body against certain infections.



Turmeric also contains certain compounds that cure allergies. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Sprinkle some turmeric on your dishes.



The good bacteria in yoghurt can minimise allergies. Many studies claim that those who consume yoghurt regularly can minimise the chances of inflammation.



Fatty fish can minimise inflammation. Eat fish that supply omega 3 fatty acids once a week to prevent allergies.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C can help you in two ways. It can boost your immunity and it can also prevent certain allergies. Consume orange or lemon juice regularly.



Quercetin, a compound present in onions can reduce allergies. It minimises inflammation; onions also strengthen immunity.


Vitamin E

Consuming foods like avocados that contain Vitamin E can prevent certain types of allergies. Consume green vegetables nuts and avocados.

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Story first published: Friday, August 12, 2016, 8:05 [IST]
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