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Healthy Way To Store Potatoes


Today, storing and reheating food have become common aspects of cooking and eating; but if you don't follow certain methods, the foods may either get spoiled or may lose the nutrition value.

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If you wish to store potatoes for long periods of time, you need to cook them. Raw potatoes may not do well when frozen. For freezing and reheating purposes, cooked ones are the best.


In fact, any vegetable may need to be blanched before it is frozen. Boiling them in water may prevent certain enzyme actions which impact the texture and flavour when they are frozen. Also, this process can kill bacteria, clean the vegetable and maintain the nutrients in it.

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Both over-blanching an under-blanching may prove counter productive. Therefore, follow the steps carefully if you wish to store your potatoes in a healthy way.


Step #1

When you go to the market to buy potatoes, choose the right ones. They shouldn't have sprouts on them and they shouldn't have any cuts on them. Unless you select good ones, you can't get the whole process right.


Step #2

The objective of washing is to clean the dirt and debris. If required, use a small brush to gently brush the surface of the potatoes while washing.


Step #3

Peel the potatoes and chop them. Use a knife with a clean surface. Unclean knives or rusted surfaces may toxify your vegetables.


Step #4

Fill a big vessel with water and heat it. Add all potatoes to the boiling water and allow them to boil for 4 minutes.


Step #5

Remove the potatoes from boiling water and place them in another vessel containing ice-cold water. Leave them there for 10 minutes.


Step #6

Remove the potatoes from cold water and wipe them dry. Place the in air-tight containers and put them in a freezer.


Step #7

You can store the potatoes for nearly a year, if you can deep freeze them and use air tight packets or containers to store them.

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