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Can Ibuprofen Over Dosage Kill You ?

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Most of us do have the habit of popping in a pill whenever we feel feverish. Sometimes, that pill could be Ibuprofen. It can reduce fever, inflammation and pain.

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Some even use it for toothache, headache, arthritis, minor injuries, menstrual cramps, back pain etc. Though it is considered safe and is available over the counter, it isn't recommended to take it frequently unless a doctor prescribes it.

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Over dosage could have dangerous consequences. In fact, excessive dosages could even kill or cause several side effects which are dangerous to health. Here are some other side effects...


Breathing Issues

Cough, wheezing and breathing issues are common when Ibuprofen is over used. It affects respiratory system.



Feeling dizzy or light headed is common. In some cases, blurry vision may also accompany if Ibuprofen is over used.



Pain in the stomach or internal bleeding could occur in some cases. In fact, it can damage intestines and may cause acidity in the stomach. Diarrhea, bloating and heart burn are common side effects.


Serious Effects

Convulsions, tremors, and in some cases even seizures could also occur. If you observe symptoms like nausea, stomach pain, drowsiness, breathing issues and fainting, it is better to rush to the doctor immediately!



Headaches, confusion and agitation are other symptoms that the drug has been over used.


Hearing Issues

You may feel strange sensations in the ears. Some people report strange noises in the ear and this could impair hearing ability.



Some may feel sleepy but in some cases, fainting could also occur when this drug is consumed excessively.

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