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Low Blood Pressure? How To Raise BP

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We all know about hypertension which is high blood pressure. But seldom do we talk about low blood pressure or hypotension.

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Well, low blood pressure could occur due to many factors like age, certain disorders (like diabetes, heart issues etc), infections, pregnancy, dehydration, blood loss or malnutrition.

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Though it shows no symptoms in some stages, you can suspect low BP if you observe nausea, dizziness, depression, blurred vision, thirst, inability to focus etc. In such cases, there are some simple remedies to follow.



The first remedy for low blood pressure is drinking water. Sometimes, low BP could be due to dehydration. If your body has lost fluids either through heat or vomiting or urination then drink water and hydrate it quickly. You can also consume fruits that contain water.


Cool Your Body

Sometimes, if the heat in your surroundings is causing you low blood pressure, try to cool yourself immediately. It is better to get into an air conditioned place and relax. Or else, apply ice cube on your neck to cool down your system. Sometimes sweating could also cause loss of water.



Hydrating fruits and vegetables can also raise your blood pressure to normal. In fact, low blood pressure could also be due to the deficiency of some minerals or vitamins. Eating raw fruits or vegetables can help you get some vitamins and minerals.


Vitamin B

Vitamin B9 and B12 are important for healthy blood pressure. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and foods containing folic acid are important. Vitamin B12 is said to regulate your BP and also minimises inflammation in the circulatory system.



Exercise helps a great deal in enhancing your cardiovascular health as well as normalising blood pressure. Ensure that you work out regularly to keep blood pressure in control.



Generally, people with high BP tend to stay away from salty foods. So, when you have low blood pressure, eat a salty food for relief.



If none of the above methods work, consult your doctor as medication may be necessary to bring your blood pressure back to normal.

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