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Ramadan 2021: Prepare French Fries At Home For Iftar
Ramadan is one of the most important and sacred months for people belonging to the Muslim community. Muslims around the world observe fasts throughout the month. This year the month has begun on 13 April 2021. People are observing fast right ...
Ramadan 2021 Prepare French Fries At Home For Iftar

What Are Nightshade Vegetables? Are They Good Or Bad For Health?
Dietary components from plants are an essential part of human life as they provide medicinal and nutritional support to the body. Among these plant-based foods come nightshades which are known both for their benefits as well as harmful effects. [1] {image-arenightshadesgoodorbadforhealth-1602504455.jpg ...
11 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Potato Juice
Potatoes are known for their wonderful health benefits. From supporting heart health to boosting immunity, this humble vegetable benefits your health in many ways. But did you know that potato juice is high in nutrients and you can drink it too ...
Health Benefits Of Raw Potato Juice
Benefits Of Potato For Skin Care
Potatoes are packed with antioxidants and they contain some important minerals and essential vitamins. But did you know that apart from its health benefits, potatoes can even help in enhancing your beauty? Yes, you just read that right! Potatoes can be ...
Benefits Of Potato For Skin Care
10 Low-calorie Foods For Weight Loss
Obesity is one of the main causes of heart failure, cardiovascular diseases and other such health problems. Consumers are often in the confusion of choosing healthy foods which are low in fat, sugar and carbohydrates. Choosing the right calories is essential ...
Low Calorie Foods For Weight Loss
9 Foods You Should Never Eat Raw
If you are someone who loves relishing on fresh, healthy salads on a regular basis, then you would be used to eating certain foods raw, right? Well, humans, right from the primitive ages, learnt the technique of cooking certain foods like ...
Homemade Vegetable Face Packs For Glowing Skin
Do you often rely on makeup items to impart a glow on your otherwise dull-looking skin? If yes, then you should take comfort in the fact that a majority of women these days are plagued with a dull-looking skin. Various factors ...
Homemade Vegetable Face Packs For Glowing Skin
11 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate
Should you store bread in the refrigerator or should you store tomatoes in it? These questions might linger in your mind when you are planning to put foods in the refrigerator. When it comes to storing food properly, there are many ...
Foods You Should Never Refrigerate
Try These Home Remedies & Get Rid Of Dark Elbows
Do you often shy away from wearing short-sleeve tops because of the dark colouration of skin on your elbows? If so, then do read on, as today at Boldsky, we're letting you know about easy and effective DIY hacks that can ...
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