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Foods That Don't Raise Cholesterol

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The problem with cholesterol is that, it can rapidly increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. But of course, instead of blaming some foods, it is better to quit smoking and drinking in order to protect your heart.

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Also, leading an active life is important to protect your heart. Yes, some foods contain dietary cholesterol. But they can't be labeled as bad foods as they do come with many other nutrients which are important for your health.

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Also, your body needs healthy cholesterol levels and not all cholesterol is bad. Now, let us discuss about foods that are generally avoided by cholesterol-conscious people.



Yes, eggs contain cholesterol. Though some people say eggs are unhealthy, health experts confirm that they are safe. If you are too conscious of cholesterol, eat egg whites and leave the yolks that contain all the cholesterol.



It is healthy to eat yoghurt on a regular basis. It can in fact minimise the risk of heart issues and contains low levels of cholesterol.



After a study, researchers claimed that most of the nuts lower your cholesterol levels. In fact, they can even reduce inflammation.



Many people think that seafood is too much of cholesterol. Eating healthy fish can give you optimum levels of cholesterol and a salad with it will also protect your heart.



Seeds contain fibre and protein. Seeds can improve your cholesterol profile if you include them in your diet.



Certain studies claim that dark chocolate can keep your cholesterol levels stable though many fear that it can make them put on weight. Of course, moderation is the key.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 19, 2016, 12:37 [IST]
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