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Disadvantages Of Extreme Dieting

Weightloss: People Follow On Average 55 Fad Diets In Their Life | BoldSky

Dieting sounds cool especially when you fall in love with a new diet plan that is advertised around which promises you the figure of a celebrity. But obsession over your figure shouldn't eat your health away.

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When your body fails to get what it wants to perform efficiently, then it may revolt. Unfortunately, not all diets are planned and designed by health experts who are certified in the field of nutrition.

Any diet which fails to offer all the necessary nutrients to the body in the right amounts at the right time, may hamper your health in the long run. Such diets are to avoided.

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Unless your doctor suggests you to follow a diet, it is better to stick to your regular foods as any single change should never deprive your body of any vital nutrient. Now, let us discuss about the disadvantages of dieting.


Slow Reaction

Some studies conducted on several groups of people who are into diets reveal that people who consume very small amounts of carbs in the name of dieting may have slower reaction rates and slow brain function.


Weight Gains

Though diets are there to cut your weight, you may end up gaining a few more pounds especially if your body goes into starvation mode and starts converting every food you eat into fat.


Hair Loss

In some people who follow strict diets for long periods of time, hair loss could occur especially when their diets lack enough nutrients to strengthen hair. Yes, hair needs nutrients to stay healthy, firm and strong.


Blood Sugar

Your body may become weak when adequate sugar levels are not maintained. When you totally avoid carbohydrates thanks to crash diets, you may feel weak and tired.



In some cases, dieting could also cause depression as certain levels of nutrients are required to keep your mental states stable. Lack of carbs and sugar may indirectly impact serotonin levels too.



If certain nutrients lack in your diet, it could cause deficiency diseases too. This could hamper your health entirely.


Bowel Issues

Completely avoiding certain foods may impact your bowel movements as certain foods play a role in water absorption and digestion.


Organ Failure

Extreme dieting could deprive your body of vital nutrients and if this happens for a long time, then certain organs may fail to function.

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