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Benefits Of Eating Cactus Leaf

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Looking at the cactus plant, we seldom feel like even touching it but some reports say that the leaf of the cactus plant has some health benefits too.

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In some countries, cactus leaf is eaten mainly because of the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fibre content present in it.

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In some places, it is known as nopal. In some countries, it is eaten along with salads and eggs. Of course, most of us would hate the idea of eating this thorny substance but it offers certain health benefits. Let us discuss about them.



A new research claims that cactus leaf can minimise cholesterol levels in the body. When researchers tested the cholesterol levels of a group of women who were fed with cactus leaf for a month, they realised that the cholesterol levels came down.



Cactus leaf contains flavonoids and phenolics. Both of them have antioxidant effect on the body. They can be able to protect the cells of your body from certain types of cancers.


Prevents Brain Damage

Certain compounds present in the stem of cactus plant are said to act like neuro-protectors that prevent damage done to the brain cells.



Those suffering from diabetes can also consume cactus leaf as it is said to control blood sugar levels efficiently.



Cactus can also improve digestion. It can enable healthy bowel movement and also help you to flush out wastes.


Prevents Inflammation

Cactus also contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation in your muscles, arteries, cardiovascular system etc.


Weight Loss

It can also be among the weight loss foods. It comes with 17 amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

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