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Why Running On Beach Is Healthy

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The activity of running itself has so many health benefits. And when it comes to running on the beach, there are additional health benefits.

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Also, you can have a great time as spending your time near the ocean, the sand and the vast sky can make you feel good.

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Listening to the sound of the waves can also have a calming effect on your whole body. If you hate regular workouts or going to the gym, run on the beach if you live in a coastal area. You will fall in love with that activity and eagerly wait for the next day only to come back and run on the sands.

Here are some of the health benefits...


Benefit #1

When you run on the beach sand, you tend to burn nearly 28% more calories. This is because running on flat hard surfaces is easier but sand challenges your energy levels and makes you spend more energy.


Benefit #2

As the sand offers resistance, your leg muscles get strengthened every time you run harder and faster on beach sand.


Benefit #3

It is good for your heart and leg muscles. You can freely workout every evening and keep your heart healthy and prevent cardiovascular issues in the long run.


Benefit #4

In fact, running on hard surfaces isn't good for your joint health. They take a lot of stress. Running on beach sand prevents certain joint related injuries. Sand reduces stress on ankles, knees and all supporting joints used for running.


Benefit #5

Running in the outdoors can get you more oxygen and more sunlight which are very important for a healthy life.


Benefit #6

Your athletic abilities will greatly enhance and you will be a better runner. This is because the sand on the beach slows your pace and once you get used to running fast on sand, your speed on normal surfaces will greatly increase.


Benefit #7

The risk of injuries will be greatly reduced even if you trip and fall because the soft sand offers cushion to your body.

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Story first published: Monday, August 8, 2016, 16:24 [IST]
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