Foods That Can Cause Poop Problems While Running

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When it comes to running, there are certain things that can get on your nerves. What tops this list is running-induced diarrhoea.

This is quite common with long-distance running or long-hour workouts and can affect anybody at anytime.

how to stop poop problems when running

But did you know that you can try to avoid runner's trot, if you are one of those affected by this. It can be done by the means of getting rid of certain foods before hitting the tracks.

If you don't get your digestion right, then you'll have problems during the run. Binging on certain kind of foods before running can make you halt midway and then go for a U-turn back to your house.

Abandoning the run and going back home, hot and flushed, is not a very nice thing. Guess you can relate to this, if you have experienced this before.

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In this article, we'll let you know how to stop poop problems or the need to do so when running.


1. Avoid Caffeine:

Caffeine in general can expedite the transit time of food through the GI tract. Hence, downing a cup of coffee, tea, energy drinks and soda isn't wise.


2. Avoid High-fibre Cereal With Berries:

This is indeed a healthy option, but having this before a run can cause a serious case of stomach mishap. You need to go low on fibre before a run and also avoid berries.


3. Avoid Sorbitol:

This is a sugar alcohol. It is usually found in gum or beverages. Sorbitol is not fully absorbed and hence remains in the GI tract. This can cause digestive problems. Hence, avoid this before a run.


4. Avoid Spicy Foods:

Capsaicin, a chemical that makes the food spicy, is known to irritate the lining of the large and small intestines. This could lead to a real explosive workout session or run. You know what I mean!


5. Avoid Dairy Products:

The combination of lactose and fat in the milk can upset the GI system. Hence, it's best to avoid these before a run.


6. Avoid Beans, Lentils And Legumes:

These foods are high in fibre content and can get your bowel movements into a haywire. Now you might have known how to stop poop problems and its need when running, isn't it?

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