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  • Cactus is a spiny plant known by different names such as Nagfani, Nagamalli and Chaptukalli in different parts of India. Cactus recipes are popular in Mexico- but Indians too use the plant and fruit of cactus in various cuisines. Some ...
  • Opuntia also called prickly pear belongs to the cactus family, Cactaceae. Opuntia is, in fact, the scientific name of the plant and the pears are the fruits. It is also known by the name cactus fruit. There are more than 200 ...
  • When you can apply aloe vera on your skin, why not cactus? After all, both belong to the same family. No matter how shocking it sounds, dermatologists have confirmed that the use of cactus extract on the skin is highly beneficial. ...
  • Looking at the cactus plant, we seldom feel like even touching it but some reports say that the leaf of the cactus plant has some health benefits too. Also Read: Why Running On Beach Is Healthy In some countries, cactus leaf is ...
  • The prickly cactus which you flaunt in your garden can actually be used as a water purifier, says a new study. The agent found in Prickly Pear Cactus, has the ability to clear the water of sediments and bacteria in matters ...
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