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What Happens If You Drink Cabbage Juice?

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Cabbage juice is rich in minerals like sulfur, calcium, iron, magnesium and iodine. It also contains vitamins K, E, C, B6 and B1. It can prevent certain types of cancer and also control cholesterol levels.

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Though you can include cabbage in your diet, it is better to consume the juice of a raw cabbage for some reasons. Your body will quickly absorb the nutrients present in cabbage if you consume it in the juice form.

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You simply need to chop cabbage, add some water and a pinch of salt and blend it well in the juicer. You can consume the juice in the morning during breakfast time every day to derive the health benefits. Now, let us look at those benefits.


Benefit #1

The lactic acid present in cabbage juice can disinfect your colon. You can keep your colon healthy by drinking this juice often.


Benefit #2

Some sources claim that cabbage juice can also heal the respiratory tract in those who suffer from bronchitis or asthma.


Benefit #3

It contains glutamine which is an amino acid that plays a role in protecting digestive health.


Benefit #4

It contains sulforaphane. Many sources claim that it can prevent certain types of cancers.


Benefit #5

As this juice contains anti-inflammatory properties, you can try it for inflammatory issues like arthritis to derive a soothing effect.


Benefit #6

Those suffering from gastric ulcer can try cabbage juice as a home remedy. It can eliminate the bacteria that cause ulcers.


Benefit #7

It can detoxify your liver and also reduce your cholesterol levels.


Benefit #8

Cabbage juice contains Glucosinolates. Therefore, it is said to be good for your immunity.

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