What If You Planked For 1 Minute Every Hour At Work For The Next 2 Weeks?

By Staff

Planking is one of the most underestimated exercises on this planet.

It looks simple when you watch someone else do it, but it's only when you settle down on your toes and forearms that you realize how incredibly tough it is to stay in the position for even 5 seconds!

It's the perfect body-weight exercise to get rid of your belly fat and tighten your core muscles.

That's why almost everyone at the gym prefers ending their workout routine with a minute of planking (or longer).

But what if I challenged you to plank for a minute every hour at work for the next 2 weeks?

Here's what will happen if you decide to take up that challenge.


You Will Have To Overcome Social Anxiety And Fear

The first hurdle you would have to cross if you accepted this challenge would be the mental hurdle: doing it in your workplace where there is a big chance someone might comment on your hourly planks.

In fact, even if you have a room all to yourself, you would still be afraid of someone walking in and seeing you a foot off the floor, cursing at the timer on your phone screen.

So here are some tips to help you cross the chasm:

  • Do it with a colleague or colleagues. A group challenge is more fun, builds loyalty, and is great for boosting team spirit.
  • Make a bet with a colleague where you would lose money if you fail to plank every hour.
  • Accept the fact that the ones who judge others are their own worst critics and there is nothing you can do to change them. So you might as well do what makes you happy and run your own race.

The First Few Days Will Be Hell!

Let me repeat myself: the plank is the most underestimated exercise in the world! So be prepared to cry your way through the first few days because planking for 1 minute every hour for 8 - 10 hours straight will make you feel like you have voluntarily agreed to visit the deepest circle of hell.


You Will Get Better As The Days Go By

Planking is an exercise at the end of the day. So your body might scream and curse at you at first, but soon enough your muscles, bones, and joints will learn how to fall into this position naturally, which will make your life a smidge easier as the days go by.


Beware of Procrastination!

We procrastinate when we are afraid of failure. And the plank challenge will bring out the worst procrastinator in you.

In fact, you might even find yourself bargaining for just five more minutes of freedom after a few hours of enduring the abdominal torture.

Have a colleague on hand when that happens. Social pressure is a great way to get us going.


You Will Get Bored Of It Soon…

When that happens, switch up your routine with 30 seconds of side planks or plank with leg raises. Now that will get the blood pounding through your head and muscles once again!


In The End, Your Abdomen Will Be…Different

Planking is great for shedding belly fat and toning your abdominal muscles. So be prepared to find some tension in the area after a few rounds of planking.

In fact, by the end of 2 weeks, you might even notice a distinct difference in your abdomen. Namely, firmer muscles underneath the skin.

And if that's not a good reason to continue planking for another 2 weeks, I don't know what is!

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