Benefits Of Crawling: Why Crawling Is The Best Exercise

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If you have observed, all babies first learn how to crawl before they learn to stand up and walk. We all crawled first when we came to this world. And yes, crawling is a very good workout too!

The act of crawling engages many muscles all over the body and strengthens certain muscles around your spine, shoulders, hips, elbows, wrists and hands too.

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In fact, it also develops motor skills. If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, most of the muscles in the body lose their strength and become weak. But crawling exercise can engage your whole body and enhance your fitness levels. Mainly, this workout develops musculo-skeletal health.

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Crawling is simple. Imagine yourself as a baby and simply crawl on the floor slowly for a few minutes. Once your body gets used to the impact, you can try many variations to increase the impact. You can also add weights to intensify the challenge. Now, here are a few benefits of crawling exercise.

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Caution: Without consulting your doctor, don't try this workout as your current health condition and medical history should allow you.


Benefit #1

Crawling enhances your bilateral coordination. If you are into sports, this can help you perform well. Also, in your daily life, all activities seem effortless if your bilateral coordination gets better.


Benefit #2

The joints and muscles around your shoulders remain active and function well. The spinal cord attains stability and strength.


Benefit #3

Your hands and shoulders develop the skill of bearing weight and transferring it efficiently without getting hurt.


Benefit #4

If done regularly, it turns into your calorie burning activity of the day. You can do it anywhere. Every time you crawl, all the reflexes in your body become alert and your muscles start working together. With each passing day, your body becomes more efficient.


Benefit #5

Crawling acts as an overall body workout as it enhances the strength in the muscles, bones and connective tissues of hips, spine, shoulders, arms and even legs.

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Benefit #6

Crawling enhances reflexive strength. Your reflexes tend to be faster. Your muscles can adapt to motion faster. Also, your hips and shoulders work together with better coordination. This will reduce the risk of injury while you perform activities of your daily life.


Benefit #7

This activity also restores the nervous system and minimises your stress too. Your overall strength, mobilty, mental focus and your body's response to stress will improve. Crawling also boosts your mood.

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