What Are Some Common Exercise And Fitness Myths

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Our belief systems play a role in helping us stay fit and healthy. But it is better to stop believing in myths because they take you nowhere.

Though the process of eating some calories and burning them to stay healthy seems pretty simple as a principle, when it comes to reality, it isn't. That is why there are rising obesity rates in every country.

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In this post, let us discuss about a few myths related to exercise and fitness...


Myth #1

Some people think only cardiovascular activities like running and jogging help in losing weight. But even activities like lifting weights, yoga, swimming and dance do help in losing weight. In fact, any intense activity that burns your calories can help in losing weight.

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Myth #2

"Only if you workout when your stomach is empty, you will lose fat". This is another myth. In fact, some fitness activities need a pre-workout snack; not an empty stomach!

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Myth #3

Though some say that drinking cold water can help in burning fat, there isn't much evidence. There is nobody who lost lots of weight solely by drinking cold water.


Myth #4

"Those who workout can eat anything"- this is another myth. At the end of the day, your body fat levels depend upon how many calories you eat and how many of them you spend through your activities and how many are left accumulated.

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Myth #5

"Spot reduction is possible". That's a myth. Some people argue that one can lose fat in selective places like tummy or hand etc. Your body has its own way of burning fat and we have less control over where fat gets burnt first.


Myth #6

Weight is everything. This statement is included in the list of myths because it is only partially true. Some people who are slightly overweight tend to be healthy and there are people who are of healthy weight suffering health issues. So, being too obsessed with body weight might not be wise as ideal weight cannot be generalised. Some people who are born with big frames tend to carry more weight even without fat content.

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Myth #7

"Gadgets like heart rate monitors tell everything". Well, health depends upon so many factors and hence we can't totally rely on just a few gadgets.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 9:26 [IST]
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