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7 Surprising Reasons Why Walking Is Not Helping You Lose Weight

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If you feel that you have been following a regular walk routine to help with weight loss, but it still hasn't helped, you start to wonder if walking can actually help you lose weight or not.

Being obese or overweight can be a huge blow to one's confidence and it can also mar your health to a great extent.

If you are overweight and your BMI is more than the normal healthy range, then it could lead to numerous other health conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol level, joint pain, cardiovascular disorders, etc.

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Now, many fitness experts claim that walking can help a person lose weight; however, if you have been walking regularly and still see no difference in your weight, then may be there could be something wrong that you are doing.

Natural weight loss remedies such as walking, going to the gym, swimming, etc., are very effective, only when done properly.

So, here are a few surprising reasons why walking is not helping you lose weight, have a look.


1. Sticking To The Routine

If you have been doing the same kind of walking, covering the same distance, every day, then eventually, your body gets used to it and the amount of calories burnt is reduced.


2. Slow Pace

Walking can help you lose weight only of you maintain a fast, rhythmic pace. Slow, casual walking can do little to help you with weight loss.


3. Not Working Your Abs

Natural weight loss remedies like walking works only when you have a strong core/abs, so it is important to practice a few abdominal exercises if you want walking to help you with weight loss.


4. Unhealthy Eating

Walking can be good for weight loss, only if you couple it with a healthy diet, otherwise, it hardly has any effect. Natural weight loss remedies include both diet and exercise.


5. Long Strides

Another exercise tip for weight loss that includes walking is to not take long strides, as long strides decrease the speed and without speed, calories are not burnt.


6. Wrong Shoes

Walking, a natural weight loss remedy, will be quite ineffective if you are wearing the wrong kind of shoes, as wrong or tight shoes can induce pain, causing you to walk very less.


7. Not Keeping A Track

Walking cannot help you lose weight if you are not keeping a track of the distance you have walked, the calories burnt, time taken, etc., as you may tend to walk lesser if you do not keep a track.

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