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How Brisk Walking Benefits Our Health

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Don't you like regular gym sessions? Are you looking for some activities that are not tiring like other physical exercises? Do you want to lose weight without troubling yourself much?

If all your answers are positive, brisk walking can be your perfect solution. There are several health benefits of brisk walking.

But, this is so taken for granted that people often forget about how brisk walking benefits their health and go in for expensive gym sessions.

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From toning your legs to reducing your body weight, there are numerous health benefits of brisk walking. For elderly people, this exercise is proved to be the best to keep problems like high BP and high sugar under control.

And walking is one such activity in which you don't always need expensive shoes. You can just get up from your work table and take a 5 minutes of walk.

It is true that intense exercises have lots of benefits, but brisk walking can keep your body moving always.

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Walking can fight obesity, but it also depends on the speed of walking.

Brisk walking in the morning or after a meal can help you to get some fresh air, to digest well and to stay healthy. Read on to know more.


1. Lowers The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases:

This is one of the major health benefits of brisk walking. An international medical study has proved that walking for 20 minutes per day in a week can cut the risk of cardiovascular problems up to 30%.


2. Lowers The Risk Of Other Diseases:

Scientific studies have proved that the habit of regular walking can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 60%. Not only that, but walking also fights against diseases like colon, womb or breast cancer.


3. Helps Fight Obesity:

Obesity is one of the vital problems people are facing today. Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercises that can help you to cut down a few pounds. Though brisk walking is not that helpful; if you increase your pace, it might still help you reduce your weight.


4. Prevents Dementia:

How brisk walking benefits our health? Well, older people are at a risk of developing dementia, which can be lowered by brisk walking. Walking six miles per week increases the power to remember and also prevents brain shrinkage in older persons, as per few of the studies.


5. Controls High BP:

Today, maximum people suffer from high blood pressure, as they fail to avoid stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Researchers suggest that 10 minutes of walk each day keeps your blood pressure under control.


6. Gives You A Toned Body:

Walk regularly and you can have a flat tummy, toned legs and hips. You can mix hill walking to get a better result. Getting a hot body is now simple if you walk regularly along with performing other activities. This is how brisk walking benefits our health.


7. Boosts Your Immunity:

Your immunity system builds a shield around your body to protect you from the outside germs. Several researches have proved that 45 minutes of walk regularly increases the number of immunity cells in your body and, thus, becomes very effective in preventing diseases.


8. Boosts Up Your Energy:

Brisk walking in the morning can energise you a lot to start fresh in whatever you've planned on doing. It augments blood circulation and boosts the oxygen supply to every cell that makes you feel more lively and alert. If you walk a few minutes during lunch break, you'll feel more active in your afternoon tasks.


9. Keeps You Happy:

If you think how brisk walking benefits our health, you can't avoid this particular benefit. Brisk walking works as an antidepressant by releasing happy hormones like endorphins. This can in turn keep you stress and anxiety free.

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Story first published: Sunday, July 24, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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