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What’s The Valentine’s Day Workout?

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Have you heard of the valentine day workout? Well, it is nothing but a workout done to get your muscles big for a special date.

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Yes, when you have very less time to prepare and you wish to look bigger then you are on your date then you can choose a workout that temporarily pumps up all your muscles.

Generally, men feel like looking big when they are meeting a woman for the first time or the last time. So, after a woman agrees to meet you somewhere on a date, your mind will start thinking about how to look good on that special day so that she will fall flat for you.

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So, remember these points when you have less time to prepare yourself for a special date...


Lift With Intensity

Keep your workout short and lift with intensity. After warming up, you might need to directly go for reasonably heavy weights but not too heavy.


High Repetitions-Slightly Less Weight

Don't go for light weights and don't go for too heavy weights, but go for slightly heavier weights and do more repetitions very fast maintaining proper form. This gives the optimum levels of shock to your muscles to get all the blood into them to look pumped up temporarily.


Don't Overdo

Don't even get tempted to spend a couple of hours in the gym as that would soon tire you up and may cause soreness and fatigue the next day. Your date would be spoilt due to your workout.


Compound Movements

Choose compound movements more and involve your whole body instead of working on individual body parts.


Do Squats

Though your chest, shoulder and biceps are the main parts that she will observe more, never ignore squats for a decent butt. Also, this workout may help you if your date reaches the bedroom.


Carb Load

For a day or two eat more carbohydrates as they can help you look big. But after the date, again get back to your normal carb intake. Also, eat whole grains.


Less Time

Plan your entire workout in a way that you spend very less time, but work very intensely. Only then your muscles look bigger for a day or two.

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